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XSLT: Working With XML and HTML

by nForms on October 3, 2012

XML is fast becoming the standard for structuring documents for web-based information exchange. However, for XML documents to be displayed on a web browser, they must be "transformed" -- into XSL documents on the client side, or HTML documents on the server side. XSLT, recently finalized by the W3C, is a lightweight language designed specifically for this purpose -- but reliable XSLT documentation has been extremely scarce. This is the first practical, comprehensive XSLT tutorial and reference based on the final standards -- which changed significantly from earlier drafts. Understand XSLT's tree-based view of the document; then master the features of XSLT that allow you to transform XML documents from one document type to another; to HTML documents; or to text documents. Review the specifications that are tightly linked with XSLT, including XML namespaces and XPath; then walk through a series of practical examples and a detailed case study demonstrating the creation of a robust XSLT application. The book includes a detailed reference to XSLT and XPath elements and functions, as well as a CD-ROM containing all code, plus exclusive software enabling the reader to explore XSLT's most challenging feature, expressions. For all Web developers, site administrators, and others working with XML, XSL, or XSLT.

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XSLT: Working with XML and HTML

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