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Reference > XML Distributed Systems Design (Kaleidoscope (SAMS))

XML Distributed Systems Design (Kaleidoscope (SAMS))

by nForms on July 21, 2012

Although much has been made of the impact XML is having on Web development, the most significant changes brought about by XML have been in the way distributed systems store and exchange information. XML Distributed Systems Design offers in-depth architectural models for devising open-ended systems and provides templates for complex data interchange and mining theories as related to XML. XML Distributed Systems Design addresses core XML technologies such as XSL, DTD, XML Query, Data Warehouses, Data Mining, Distributed Systems Architecture, Web-based system design, Distributed Systems Framework, SOAP, SAX and using XML enabled tools for development and problem solving. Close attention is given to the way XML changes existing development patters and paradigms. In addition, the book presents the new patterns and strategies emerging in XML system design.

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XML Distributed Systems Design (kaleidoscope (SAMS))

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