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XML and SQL: Developing Web Applications

by nForms on July 30, 2012

As XML has rapidly gained in popularity, many database developers have become confused about its relationship with SQL and traditional RDBMS technologies. In this book, Dan Appelquist demystifies the relationship between XML and SQL, and shows exactly how to integrate these technologies for maximum advantage. XML and SQL covers every leading approach to integrating XML and SQL, helping you clearly understand each technology's strengths and weaknesses, and choose the right solution for each task or application. Drawing upon his extensive real-world experience, Appelquist offers expert guidance on: architecting robust systems that incorporate both XML and SQL technologies; using SQL to overcome XML's limitations; bringing XML's formatting capabilities to bear on SQL data, and much more. For all database developers, system architects, Web developers, content managers, and others interested in the use of XML to build robust, data-centric software systems.

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XML and SQL: Developing Web Applications

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