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Reference > The Web Wizard's Guide to XML (Addison-Wesley Web Wizard Series)

The Web Wizard's Guide to XML (Addison-Wesley Web Wizard Series)

by nForms on October 24, 2012

The Web Wizard's Guide to XML teaches readers how to create their own markup languages using XML. From writing XML code to building XML applications, this concise and easy-to-understand introduction shows readers how to create well-structured XML documents and applications for use on the Web and beyond. The Web Wizard Series from Addison-Wesley is a series of brief, introductory books on Internet and Web programming topics of interest to anyone who wants to create Web pages. Each book includes an easy-to-read, full-color design, and is written in a concise and practical manner to get readers quickly using the technologies.

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The Web Wizards Guide to XML (Addison Wesley Web Wizard Series)

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