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The VoiceXML Handbook: Understanding and Building The

by nForms on June 4, 2012

Do you know telephony but need to learn about the Web? Do you know the Web but need to learn telecom? Are you a Webmaster who need to telephony-enable your site?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then this book is for you. Bob Edgar explains everything you need to understand and use VoiceXML, the "HTML for telephony" which is revolutionizing the industry.

Not a telephony expert? Not a Web expert? No problem, Bob covers all the background you'll need: how the Web works, how telecom and computer telephony work, XML, voice browsers and more. Once you've understood the background, Bob starts with a "Hello, World" application--a VoiceXML page which answers the phone and speaks to you--then leads you step by step through all the features of VoiceXML, including VoiceXML 2.0.

* Graphical Web Browsing, HTML and HTTP * Telecommunications * Computer Telephony * Voice Recognition and Text-to-Speech * XML * VoiceXML Tutorial * Use Voice Browsers to Create Phone-Enabled Web Sites

Bob Edgar, Ph.D., works for Dialogic Corp., an Intel company and a leading manufacturer of computer telephony hardware and software components. Dr. Edgar started his software career as a theoretical physicist running mainframe calculations to simulate realistic quantum fields. Bob later founded and ran Parity Software Development Corp., a manufacturer of telephony software development tools, which was acquired by Dialogic in September 1999. Bob's previous book, "PC Telephony", has been a best-seller in the industry for many years.

The VoiceXML Handbook: Understanding and Building the Phone-Enabled Web

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The VoiceXML Handbook: Understanding and Building the

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