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The Complete XML Programming Training Course (1st Edition)

by nForms on July 13, 2012

This is a comprehensive, hands-on course for anyone who wants to leverage XML in a wide range of business, Web, and industry-specific applications. By the Deitel authoring team responsible for several best-selling interactive courses, it teaches Java-based XML development via more than 250 example programs, hundreds of interactive programming exercises, and 12+ hours of expert audio explanations. You get the #1 interactive XML training CD-ROM, The XML Multimedia Cyber Classroom, plus the leading introductory XML textbook, XML How to Program -- both brand-new, and reflecting the latest XML standards and technologies. Start with a high-level introduction to markup languages; then learn how to create basic XML markup; build effective Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and schema. Next, discover how to create Java applications that leverage XML through the Document Object Model (DOM) and Simple API for XML (SAX). Master technologies that build on XML, including XPath, XSL and XSLT, XLL, and the new XML Query Language (XQL); even learn how XML can be used to build custom markup languages. A bonus second CD-ROM contains all of the book's source code, plus links to the Web's best XML resources.

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The Complete XML Programming Training Course (1st Edition)

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