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Reference > Pro .NET 2.0 XML (Expert's Voice in .NET)

Pro .NET 2.0 XML (Expert's Voice in .NET)

by nForms on October 28, 2012

XML is the de facto language for communication both within and between distributed applications whether they are on the Internet or a corporate network. It owes its success to its two key strengths: a highly-structured human readable format and the fact that it can be transmitted as pure text. No matter how disparate applications and their architectures may be almost everything can read text files and hence can accept XML data. This gives it a great advantage over rival technologies such as Remoting which were previously popular but which are now being replaced by XML-based solutions.

This book will be the first to provide a complete solution to XML on the .NET 2.0 Framework including the new .NET 3.0 extensions that are being released in January 2007. It will provide readers with everything they need to know to take advantage of XML in every aspect of their working lives up to and including integration using Windows Communication Foundation.

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Pro .NET 2.0 XML (Experts Voice in .NET)

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