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Reference > Java, XML, and the JAXP

Java, XML, and the JAXP

by nForms on July 18, 2012

A nuts-and-bolts guide focusing exclusively on Sun's Java XML API
The sole purpose of Sun Microsystem's Java XML API is to write programs that generate XML data for transmission and programs that decipher incoming XML data. While there are many references on the market offering exhaustive coverage of Java, XML, and the JAXP, until now there were none dedicated to providing developers and IT professionals with instant access to critical, drill-down information on how to use the Java XML API to transmit, receive, create, load, and modify XML documents. Arthur Griffith offers clear and concise coverage of the underlying theory involved and uses numerous examples to demonstrate the API's various features and capabilities.
Companion Web site includes all examples from the book along with a valuable resource listing.

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Java, XML, and the JAXP

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