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Enterprise Applications Integration With XML and Java

by nForms on August 12, 2012

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the discipline of linking disparate applications, platforms, and operating systems to work as one -- and deliver powerful business results seamlessly. Platform-independent Java may be the most powerful EIA tool ever invented, but mechanisms are still needed to exchange data with non-Java applications. XML provides those mechanisms. This is the first complete guide to using Java and XML together to build real-world EIA solutions! First, review the basics of XML and how it can be used to build EAI infrastructure. Identify your requirements for sharing and exchanging data; then build Java applications for parsing and processing XML documents. Learn how to move data between Java and non-Java applications: serializing Java objects into XML; using XML with relational databases; asynchronous messaging with XML; and much more. The CD-ROM contains extensive source code from the book, plus a remarkable library of leading-edge software and trialware, including: Bluestone Visual-XML desktop XML development environment; IBM XML4J Java-based parser; Push-technologies SpiritWAVE2 implementation of the Java Messaging Service; and webMethods BizView realtime XML Query Language interpreter.

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Enterprise Applications Integration with XML and Java

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