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Reference > Charles F. Goldfarb's XML Handbook (5th Edition) (Charles F.

Charles F. Goldfarb's XML Handbook (5th Edition) (Charles F.

by nForms on December 21, 2011

Sold more than 100,00 copies in all of its editions! The XML Handbook was designed as a starting point for those who want to learn about and experiment with XML. This book is the definitive XML resource: applications, products, technologies, and tutorials.The XML Handbook is a good resource for those starting with XML and even for those who have been working with XML but are struggling to keep up with the latest developments, standards, and tools. In the first and last part of the handbook, the reader can find both a general overview of XML and technical specifics of XML and related standards. The scenarios, case studies, and tool descriptions serve to make XML "real" to the reader and to spark the imagination as to how XML might be used in the reader's own environment.***The foreword is written by Jean Paoli, Microsoft XML Architect. Paoli is providing the following quote for the cover: "This book is an excellent starting point where you can learn and experiment with XML. As the inventor of SGML, Dr. Charles F. Goldfarb is one of the most respected authorities on structured information."

Charles F. Goldfarb's XML Handbook (5th Edition) (Charles F. Goldfarb Definitive XML Series)

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Charles F. Goldfarbs XML Handbook (5th Edition) (Charles F.

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