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Reference > Access 2003 Programming by Example With VBA, XML, and ASP

Access 2003 Programming by Example With VBA, XML, and ASP

by nForms on June 30, 2012

This book is designed to take Microsoft Access users to the next step in programming. Its five parts cover an intro-duction to VBA programming, manipulating databases with ADO, using DDL, event programming, and using ASP and XML. With more than 300 hands-on examples and 11 custom projects, users can quickly build the toolset required for developing their own database solutions. Learn How To: Write and debug your programming code with the Visual Basic Editor. Understand and use common VBA programming structures such as conditions, loops, arrays, and collections. Create and manage databases with ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). Perform database tasks with Jet/Access Structured Query Language (SQL) and its Data Definition Language (DDL) component. Query and manipulate your database from a web browser with Active Server Pages (ASP). Export and import Access data to and from XML both manually and programmatically.

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Access 2003 Programming by Example with VBA, XML, and ASP

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