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The Fundamentals of Xml Editing

by nForms on December 24, 2011

XML or Extensible markup language is a general specification used to create custom markup languages. Markup languages like Html (hyper text markup language) have been extensively used in making interactive web pages.

An Xml editor is a software used to edit markup languages of all kinds. Editing can be carried out using a plain text editor as well but XML editor has extended functionalities like tag completion as well as menus and buttons. These features are regularly used in XML and require exclusive editing software.

Here is a brief description of how XML editing works.

A lot more than Syntax Highlighting

An XML editor can do way more than syntax highlighting. Other than plain text editing a typical Xml editor can perform real time editing of documents, word completion and automatic appending of closing tags when an opening tag is entered. All these features can help prevent typographical errors that may originate in the XML code.

A few of the larger XML packages offer special debugging features for making PDF file documents.

Textual Editing

These editors provide a number of features that help in dealing with handling element tags.

Some basic features include syntax highlighting that is done by highlighting the erroneous text in a colour different from that of the rest of the text. Attribute completion is another feature that is available with most XML editing softwares. One more feature that may be of use to you is the display of line numbers. This enables a user to reformat a document to go with a special style of indenture.

Graphical Editors

This is a boon for all those people who want to save the time and hassles of specially learning XML syntax. Graphical Editors are based on graphical user interfaces and are quite user-friendly, compared to text editors. These editors are popularly known as "What you see is what you get" or WYSIWYG.

There are other editors that are of the type, "What You See Is What You Mean" or WYSIWYM which display the actual meaning of various XML elements.

Graphical editors are more useful for data interpretation and storage where as textual editors are best used with documents.

There are a number of XML editing softwares available in the market as well as online. If you are a novice and want to get to know how XML editing works, then the best thing for you will be to go online and download some free textual editors.

Almost all editing softwares are compatible with the Windows Operating System and a select few with Mac OS and others. There are a few supporting the Linux platform as well. Choose well before you buy one for yourself. Most of the XML editing softwares today support graphical editing. Go online for prices and better details.

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