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About Flash XML

by nForms on August 30, 2012

Have you ever heard of Flash XML? If you have no ideea about this subject !! Let`s start with the basics like what is XML.XML comes from Extensible Markup Language and it was created to store and transport data and it is a mark-up language much like HTML which means hypertext markup language. and the difference between the two is that HTML use is to display data. So the two languages manipulate data but one is one is for displaying data and one is for transport; xml was not created to replace the other. It`s not so hard to understand, but Extensible Markup Language does not do anything, Extensible Markup Language was created to structure, store, and transport data. Like Hypertext Markup Language, XML is tag based but in HTML tags are predefined, in XML you have to make your own tags. You need to understand XML before beeing able to load an Extensible Markup Language file into Flash component. Many topics on this subject can be found at Flash XML So many great news to read about ..

Adobe Flash XML , also known as Macromedia Flash is a mediamultimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to pages. Flash is frequently used for games, advertisements, in a word - it`s a 'Rich Internet Application'.Flash content can be shown on many devices and systems, that have Adobe Flash Player, which is available free for common internet browsers. A great news is that Flash Player is accessible for some mobile phones like Android.

With Flash 2004 you can make a simple photo gallery that utilises XML data file to store the data about what animations to show. This makes gallery very easy to update and configue since you need to modify the XML file.

If you need to learn how to have flash read off an XML file and generate information from that and you just want to feel how hard this will be to acquire when you have no flash knowledge, just the low-level XML knowledge it`s better to know from where to begin. If you begin to learn flash don`t jump right into AS3 or go through basic tutorials on using the program (tweening,buttons, etc.)

To better understand the link between FLASH XML let's say the flash file has many animations, and you want to filter them using a specific property like by colour, name, etc.) how easy would that be to be made?If you envisage Flash XML working unitedly you can look at how this can show to designers and developers how to combine these knock-down technologies and produce dynamic web sites. With this exhaustively decipherable lead you take Flash to the future level, interfacing action script with Markup Extensible Language. Endow your Flash projects with changing content, backend databases, server-based applications, peer-to-peer, andmore.

Flash and XML is a cool method that brings you up to speed on both techs, providing clear and concise explanations. More, this site demos a number of fundamental web techs, including PHP, MySQL, and other techs. It shows how to deal with these technologies to create interactive systems that access the full of the Internet.

FlashXml will teach you basic level link between flash and XML, it will teach you what to add in the flash file in order to be able to read something from an XML file and then use that data inside flash . {I hope this was helpfull

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