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000289 Test Dumps

by nForms on April 24, 2012

000-289 Exam
Test289, IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appln. Firmware V3.6.1
Exam Number/Code : 000-289
Exam Name : Test289, IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appln. Firmware V3.6.1
Questions and Answers : 76 Q%26As
Update Time: 2010-08-27

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000-289 Practice Exams
1. A company is using an XSL Proxy in Proxy mode to fetch and transform XML Documents from an HTTP Server. The XSL, feeValue.xsl, contains the following document function which GETs an XML Document using the HTTPS Protocol:

You enter  into a Browser to execute this Proxy Policy and see the following messages in the log:
xslproxy (myXSLProxy): document function error while executing local:///feeValue.xsl: Internal Error Connecting To
Cannot establish SSL credentials
How should proper execution of the document function be enabled?
A. Use in Browser Request
B. Assign a Two-Way SSL Proxy Profile to XSL Proxy SSL Server Crypto Profile
C. Use ‘′ as the Back End Server Address on the XSL Proxy
D. Create a Trusted Servers SSL Crypto Profile and assign it to the XSL Proxy SSL Client Crypto Profile
E. Create a Client Credentials Crypto Profile and use it in the User Agent assigned to the XSL Proxy XML Manager
Answer: E
2. A company is attempting to consolidate the XML processing requirements of multiple applications. One issue is that the URLs being used to fetch the XML documents for transformation contain an old application and servlet identifier. These must be replaced with a new consolidated application value of bc
Which technique will change a URL such as
A. A URL-Rewrite Action with a type of eader-rewrite
B. A URL-Rewrite Action with a type of ost-body
C. A URL-Rewrite Rule with a type of bsolute-rewrite
D. A URL-Rewrite Rule with a type of ontent-type
Answer: C
3. An XSL Proxy is configured in loopback mode with a single request rule containing a ‘validate' step followed by an ‘identity transform' (xform store://identity.xsl) where the input context of the transform is set to INPUT. If a message is sent via HTTP POST to this XSL Proxy that correctly conforms to the XML Schema referenced in the ‘validate' step, what will be returned to the requestor as the response document?
A. A copy of the request document
B. An empty response document
C. A W3C XML Schema conformance document
D. A schema profile document
Answer: A

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