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How to Load Xml File Using Radio Button?

by nForms on April 18, 2012

Just assume, I have 3 xml files (file1.xml, file 2.xml adnfile 3.xml); each file, contains fisrt and last name. How to load them to listbox using radio button? waht I mean is that I have three option to load them to a list box and I only want to load to listbox only the first name. Anyone can help?
Oh, I use Visual Basic 2008.

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LoverOfWine June 26, 2011 at 9:35 pm

No sure which language you are using but will see if I can help.

First, a radio button is a strange choice to use as a trigger. You typically use two or more radio buttons to give someone a choice. For your example you could list file1.xml as button one, file2.xml as button two, etc. When a push button is pressed on your form you would look at the radioButton.checked value and load the appropriate file.

Assuming you want to use the radio button as the trigger you’ll have to put in a CheckChanged event handler.

See the attached URL below for an example in VB and C++.

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