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How Can You Get the Records in a SQL Database by XML?

by nForms on July 29, 2012

I have a database created by SQL, I need to create a page to view the records in the data base in a web page in an tabular format. I am allowed to use XML, Java Script and HTML only. Any idea?
Will it is true that XML is not able to do that but with the use of java script I have found a way to make the XML read the data in the database but it wont show them in tabular format it will just put the nin the web page as XML format or it will put them without any format. I have tried to use a schema to make the XML style one to get in a table but it wont work. I've gut pretty stuck there.

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colanth June 7, 2011 at 4:46 pm

XML is content – you can’t "get" anything with XML. You were given a task that can’t be accomplished. Javascript can talk to a page on the server – but you have to write that page, and it has to be in a server-side language. Or the server can provide the data in XML – but you have to write the server-side page to do that – in a server-side language. Or … whatever, you have to write the page in a server-side language. Client-=side can’t access the database on the server directly. Period.

And HTML, XML and Javascript run in the client, not on the server.

Your teacher needs an education, or you’re misreading the assignment. The phrase, "a database created by SQL" makes me suspect that it’s the latter.

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